I am particularly interested in issues of immigration and acculturation. My doctoral training centre specialised in issues of difference and social inequality and my thesis focused on cultural sensitivity. I lectured on working with diverse populations and issues of oppression on masters level psychotherapy courses. In the voluntary and public sectors I have been involved with the development of refugee and asylum-seeker support systems. In particular, I was part of the initiative for unaccompanied refugee minors, providing psychological assistance and humanitarian support to individuals, consultation to refugee aid groups (Assaf and the ARDC) and the United Nations and psychological assessment reports for the Ministry of Education.

As an immigrant myself, I am aware of the challenges inherent in living abroad. My private practice is geared towards the particular difficulties of immigrants, such as feelings of isolation or being ‘deskilled’. In addition, I provide bilingual therapy to mixed culture couples. Bilingual therapy offers the opportunity for both partners to feel similarly heard and enjoy the comfort of expressing themselves more honestly in their mother tongue.

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